Christifideles Laici | Christ’s Faithful People | Welcome
Christifideles Laici is Latin for “Christ’s Faithful People.”
We are a lay apostolate committed to sharing our faith
by evangelizing and energizing our Catholic Community
through prayer, catechesis, inspirational learning program
and speakers, all while promoting greater fellowship.

On our site you will find information about all the
opportunities for Catholic prayer & education in our area,
as well as ways you personally can evangelize and enact
change on our society through prayer groups, coordinated
rallies, congressional emails and petitions.

We are excited to invite our fellow brothers and sisters
to learn more about our Catholic Faith and how we can
strengthen each other, our relationships within our
families and community, and with God.

We are glad you found us!  Please spread the word, share
this website with others, and if you have an event you
would like us to post for our viewers, please contact us.
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Click to email Christifideles Laici
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